You Matter

When it comes to you,
There’s so much I wanna say.
But instead I sometimes ignore you,
As if you don’t matter.

Truth is, you matter.
More than anything,
You matter to me.


Tell Me

Tell me I’m your waking nightmare. 

Tell me that I’m the devil undercover

And how you need time away. 

Tell me my love isn’t enough. 
Tell me you need me. 

Tell me you can’t breathe without me

And how you crave my presence. 

Tell me I’m all you ever wanted. 
Just talk. 
Because, you know what? 

Honest vulnerability is sexy as fuck. 

My Soul Response

I’ll admit, you got my interest.

You make me feel again.
When you speak,
I come alive.

I’ve seen
Only a small glimpse
Of your soul,
And my soul responded.

You’ve seduced my mind
And keep me guessing.
The depth of you
Leaves me thinking for hours.

Ye, you definitely got me.

My Broken Heart

My heart screams for you, 

Yet you keep a distance.

My body craves your presence,
Yet you stay away.

My soul burns with loving you,
Yet you push me away.

My broken heart dies a little
And you don’t even notice. 

* wrote this awhile ago but never shared *



I don’t know
How much more I can deal
With the way we are.

I wanna call it
And walk away from this.
It’s not good for me.

I crave you though,
Like my body craves my next breath
And I hang on.

Sometimes I wonder….
Is all the hurt now
Gonna get better in the end?

Trying to be patient.
Two fucked up people isn’t easy.
Am I worth it to you?

If not,
Rip the band aid off.
Leave. And please, stay gone

I Don’t Need You

I do me. Always have.

Always will.
I have few regrets in being that way
And some of the best memories.

I’ve had quite an eventful
Journey in a short
Span of

Lived and lost,
Loved and hated,
Learned, failed,
Been ecstatic and depressed.

I’ve made mistakes,
And then repeated them
For the hell of it.
I’ve been cold and cruel.

So, no, I’m damn sure
Not a perfect person,
But I’m fucking passionate.
I feel deeply and it’s intense.

Don’t get it twisted, though.
If you’re lucky enough
For me to choose you,
I don’t need you.

I’ve already been through
More shit than most people know.
I picked my damn self up
And moved on. Alone.

If you think I try
Because I need you….
Fuck off.
I got me.

I try because I want you.
I want us.
The fights, the laughter,
The crazy shit we say to each other.

And, sure, I’m willing
To make a serious effort.
Damn straight I’ll fight
For a love I believe in.

But, know this,
I won’t fight if it’s one sided.
I’ll walk away and clear my head.
Give my heart healing. Alone.

I’ll never feel stupid for loving.
But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna
Look stupid,
Fighting to be not wanted.

You see, there’s a difference
Between needing someone
And wanting them.

Needing someone means
You won’t walk- no matter what.
Wanting someone, though…
You do you. And don’t give a fuck.

Self Respect 

Sometimes, when you love someone,

You have to choose to love them from a distance

Because you have a thing called

Self respect. 

So fall back. 

Sure, you’re gonna miss them, 

And it’s gonna hurt like hell. 

But you will get stronger
And learn how to live without them. 

You will survive this. I promise.